Now Miyakoshi offer to the label market are the Semi-rotary Offset presses MLP.

We firmly believe MLP is the Best Solution for some segment, and you will be able to verify it next November.


We organize an OPEN HOUSE in Bulgaria on November 9th at:

Printing-House Daga LLC,

5500 Lovech, 41, Veliko Tarnovo bul.


At Daga facilities, we will show you the actual running machine, and will explain the profitability, the high printing quality and robustness of the MLP presses..

Actually,  printing job of  length 500-30000m length  becomes the common length.

Most of the printers are handling these lengths jobs by Digital or Flexo presses but actually they are not the Best Solution at all. Why?

The reason is that when Digital press handle short-medium runs [more than 500m] job, running costs increase and its profitability in terms of productivity has a problem.

Regarding Flexo printing, when it handles short-medium runs [less than 30000m] job, running costs increase.

Flexo press is the most dominant printing method for label market in Europe with about 70% market share. But, market analysis says that job lots are dramatically decreasing and competition is becoming severe.

Key point is “How to deal with shorter job lots with better profit.” That’s why we insist in that the MLP is the Best Solution under this market situation.

MLP has superiority in terms of productivity, running costs and printing quality compared with Flexo and Digital press.

After assisting to our Open House next November 9th and see and MLP in production, you will have no other option that to agree with our statements.

The Machine Configuration that will be exhibited will be:

MLP13C, #1Flexo + 5Offset + #2Flexo + Die-cut, Roll to Roll only

There are seldom chances like this, so please join it.