Printing House DTL from Poland invests in a Miyakoshi semi rotary MLP


The situation on the printing market today presents new challenges for packaging or label manufacturing plants. Run length are getting shorter, while quality and delivery time requirements leave no space for compromise.


This Japanese machine – Miyakoshi – is a perfect solution for this scenario, which is a great idea for short runs of high-quality labels. The relatively short time of preparing the machine for printing and the low cost of plates create the opportunity to offer customers highly competitive prices.



This is the second installation of the Miyakoshi machine in Poland (the first took place last year in the Podkarpackie province), but it is worth emphasizing the fact that this is the first project with the possibility of hot-foil in the line.



Source: Reprograf-Grafikus,Drukarnia-DTL-z-Porabki-k-Bielska-Bialej-inwestuje-w-maszyne-do-rolowego-semi-ro.html