FRATELLI GEROLDI S.R.L. ( is one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of self-adhesive label printing.

Mr. Alberto Geroldi, son of the company owner Fratelli Geroldi, recently shared his insights about MLP and Miyakoshi.

“As our customers had requested us high quality, we evaluated the major brands of semi-rotary offset machines and after some technical tests, we choose MLP because of the best results achieved.

In my opinion, MLP has advantages over similar machines in terms of the quality of the printing units, the productivity (max. 200imp/min.) and the length of the impression (max. 355.4mm).

Additionally, MLP has a good preparation time, the waste of paper is significantly less, considering that the large size of the machine.

Our end users are definitely positive with the products produced by MLP.

The installation of MLP lead to improving the quality of our products and as a result we had the chance to grow in the market of high-quality labels for wine and beverage.

My impression of Miyakoshi is that they are a solid company that produces solid machines. I had the opportunity to visit the factory in Japan and I was positively impressed.”