Miyakoshi Semi-rotary offset UV Label Press – Miyakoshi MLP-H

The MIYAKOSHI MLP has been designed to meet the growing demand for small and medium runs of high quality labels by reducing start-up times and wastage.

Thanks to the full integration of the latest servo-motor technology, the MLP ensures precise forward and backward movement of the web while maintaining perfect web tension throughout its travel through the machine. Changeovers are fast thanks to the fully automatic electronic format changeover system, facilitating this task without the use of tools.

The proven quality of offset technology allows the printer to achieve the best print quality, with clear dots and a good tonal gradation that cannot be matched by flexo or letterpress.

Offset technology, in addition to printing at a very high quality, also reduces start-up costs, as evidenced by the fact that the cost of the plate is considerably lower than with Flexo technology.

Because this cost is lower than other technologies, it allows label printers to reduce their production costs, securing their margins in an increasingly competitive market.

The various digitally managed controls and settings such as register control, ink/water balance and inkwell settings allow standardisation of the machine’s use.

When it comes to productivity, MLP ́s longer repeat length up to 406.4mm is definitely and advantage, giving more flexibility in label impositioning in repeats and also provides capacity of big-size label printing.

Maximum printing speed of up to 300i/m, regardless of the repeat length, and can print at this speed constantly.

Each printing unit is controlled by a Bosch-Rexroth servo-driven motor and can work independently and/or synchronously.

Its patented tension control system, based on 2 servo-driven rollers in the unwinding unit and 2 in the rewinding unit, ensures accurate registration and stable tension control at maximum speed.

Fast changeover times thanks to fully automatic electronic system

Technical data

Máximo ancho de banda 350.0 mm (13.8”) 420.00mm ( 16,5”)
Máx. ancho de impresión 330.0 mm (13.0”) 406.4 mm ( 16”)
Longitud de repetición 215.9 mm – 406.4 mm
Velocidad máxima ** (***) 300 impresiones/min
(121,9 mtr/min.- long.rep – 406,4 mm)
Gramaje del papel 50 gsm – 300 gsm
Espesor de substratos 70 micron- 300 micron
**La velocidad de impresión está condicionada por el formato, el gramaje, las condiciones del
papel, las generales de impresión y los equipos opcionales que equipe la máquina básica.
***La velocidad de la oferta y el contrato son velocidades mecánicas, es decir, de trabajo de la maquina
en vacio, en ningún caso, se pueden interpretar como velocidades de producción habituales.