Miyakoshi Europe, a member since 2015 of Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, a company whose origins date back to 1946 (Japan) and considered a leader in high-performance printing machinery, both offset (rotary and semi-rotary) and narrow web digital presses for printing labels, security documents, flexible packaging, etc., has once again confirmed its role as a key partner in the graphic arts sector by selecting ManRoland Latina as a specialized distributor for its leading range of offset products.
Miyakoshi Europe, based in Madrid, Spain, is a subsidiary of one of the world's best known and most renowned Japanese manufacturers of offset and digital presses, Miyakoshi Printing Machinery. Co, LTD, announces today that it has officially become an associate member of UNFEA.

In the times of Covid, Argraf steps up the pace of technological innovation.

It’s amazing that in these times, with a large part of the Spanish business world running at half steam and fearful of the social and economic setting the pandemic is leaving us, there are still business people with the financial muscle to invest millions in their businesses. This is the case of Argraf, one of the most important label manufacturers in the Spanish market. Remaining loyal to their policy, they continue to commit to investments in technology as a tool for growth and differentiation. Once again, this has led them to opt for Miyakoshi, on this occasion, a semi-rotary offset UV press.

Joining representatives of Miyakoshi Europe, together with others from OMC, the firm representing the Japanese brand in the Iberian market, we traveled to Guimarées, 20 km south of Braga, in northern Portugal, to speak with Carlos Corte-Real, CEO of Crobel Label Industry and take a first-hand look at its debut in the world of label offset printing using a Miyakoshi MLP13C unit.


Coinciding with the recent installation of their new model MJP13LXV UV-LED Inkjet Label Printer from the Japanese firm, Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, we paid a visit to the Getafe-based company along with representatives from Miyakoshi Europe and WTO, the firm that represents the manufacturer in our country, in order to find out more about the business vision of a company that is active in the worlds of luxury boxes, self-adhesive labels and even paper bags, and go beyond operating details and future potential of technology.

As a result of the recent congress last May of ANFEC (the National Association of Manufacturers of Continuous Labels) in Porto, Portugal, in which they voted to change their name to AIFEC (the Iberian Association of Manufacturers of Continuous Labels), to extend the Association to include companies in the neighbouring country, we wanted to visit one of these companies, Etiquel, in the company of its Managing Director, Celestino Costa.

On July 14th and 15th , the Open House was held Nebigraf (via Monari Sardè 13, 40010 Bentivoglio BO, Italy). During the event our flagship semi-rotary high-speed model MLP13-H the fastets in the market, was presented

Autajon Group, one of the largest worldwide label printers, has reached a collaboration agreement with Miyakoshi Europe. As a result, the Japanese manufacturer has become the main supplier to Autajon Group of its semi-rotary offset machines for the label business. This agreement is one of the most significant projects the Japanese firm has in the pipe line at present, providing for the gradual rollout of the MLP UV semi-rotary offset press – its flagship product – across a number of plants operated by the French firm.



In cooperation with our agent GRAFFIN s.r.o. ( Kacov 332, 285 09 Kacov, Czech Republic), we are pleased to announce that our flagship semi-rotary high-speed model MLP13-H will be installed for demonstration in their show case in Kacov.

Copidata, S.A. is one of the leading and growing printing companies of Iberia. In the late 2015 acquired Etiforma and Lithoformas and is now merging the 3 companies in one site. One of the major growing focuses of this project is high quality self-adhesive label production. Mr Antonio Brum, board member of Copidata, shared his views on MLP.