Uv Ray – Recommendation of MLP-H, providing a solution for Flexo/Letterpress/Gravure with premium printing quality with high productivity.- by Alberto Maiano (CEO of Uv Ray srl)

In the worldwide labels and packaging market, semi-rotary offset presses are increasing, about 100…150 presses per year.

For small lots with high quality label jobs, many printers are biased that digital presses are suitable. However in reality, semi-rotary offset presses is the best suited due to its high quality and low operation cost. Miyakoshi’s MLP produces labels with the highest printing quality and MLP made a huge success in the high quality label market in Europe, especially with wine labels.

On the other hand, for middle and longer lots, Flexo, Letterpress and Gravure are widely used, but their job lots and its profitability is decreasing. These press’ users were also focusing on and shifting towards digital presses. However, this shifting is now directing to semi-rotary offset press. Miyakoshi’s latest model, MLP-H is the best solution for the situation. MLP-H has developed for the longer lots and providing its users to stay profitable even with the decreasing job lots due to its premium printing quality. Miyakoshi will start the sale of MLP-H at drupa and will look to improve the press even further.

Miyakoshi MLP-H detalle

For Miyakoshi’s semi-rotary offset presses, MLP series, UV RAY is the standard choice for UV, especially in European market covered by Miyakoshi Europe. As a close and an important business partner of Miyakoshi, UV RAY will work with Miyakoshi for further success and improvement on MLP-H.

UV RAY have a patented technology for Low temperature transmission on the substrate, high reliability, perfect control of the UV emission, high end product customization for any kind of application, repeatability of the output.

Designed in according to the Miyakoshi request, UV Ray manufactured several solutions dedicated to the semi-rotary offset press like slide out reflector, extra fine UV dose regulation, extremely low temperature transmission. Then, with this technology it is possible print unsupported film. On top of it, UV Ray runs the remote service of the whole system to take of the customer in the best way as possible.

Based close to Milan, UV Ray base his product line upon the concept to provide high end UV curing systems, with superior quality and reliability. Today UV Ray is the market leader in tailor made solutions matching the requests from top OEM in the world.