Dear all customers:

MIYAKOSHI EUROPE to show MLP-H in Open House (March 17th) at Madrid office and also at Drupa at Dusseldorf (May 31st – June 10th).

Message to all label printers (especially Flexo users):

What is the volume of label jobs you are printing? Do you see any trends or changes in your business and the market? Most label printers say there is a significant drop in job lots and its profits per label. Unfortunately, various credible sources show this shorter job and less profit trends and they expect this will continue in future as well.

Considering this situation, sooner or later, you will need to find a new way to keep job profits to keep the business in the label market. Important question you ask yourself is “how can I make a profit with shorter lot?” Many label printers are looking at digital press as the choice for shorter lot. However, our standpoint is different – digital press has disadvantages, they are: lower printing quality than other printing methods, high running cost, and a need to have offline processing units (leads to high initial cost). The best solution for the market is our MLP-H without having all the disadvantages that digital press has and it produces high quality label that gives better profit for short – medium lots for the user!

We are very happy to announce you the shows of our MLP-H, with the highest printing speed in semi-rotary press at 300 shot/min (=122m/min.), with the same best printing quality in the world as our existing MLP. Our MLP-H is a semi-rotary offset printing press with the mixture of best printing productivity, with high printing speed and long printing length, with best printing production capacity. MLP-H provides printing productivity twice as much as our existing MLP with the same best printing quality by offset.

Now, there are great chances for you to see MLP-H with your eyes in March at Madrid, Spain and also in June at Drupa (Dusseldorf, Germany) and we encourage you to go and see our best solution for the label market.

Mr. Yuichi Ikeda

Managing Director in charge of Miyaksohi Europe

MLP-H Shows Schedule:

1. Open house

Date: March 17, 2016

Location: Miyakoshi Europe show room in Madrid, Spain

Machine configuration: Offset x 5 + Flexo + Die Cut (K+B Gapmaster)


Date: From May 31 to June 10, 2016

Location – Düsseldorf, Germany

Machine configuration: Offset x 5 + Hot Foil + Flexo + Screen + Die Cut (K+B Gapmaster)

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