Miyakoshi Europe participates in the XIX Anfec Congress 2017

Miyakoshi Europe, together with its Exclusive Distributor and Importer in Spain, OMC,SAE, were present as collaborators at the recent XIX National Congress of Continuous Label Manufacturers, held in Lanzarote from May 11-14, 2017.

“It has been a real pleasure to attend, personally, and on behalf of Miyakoshi Europe, the ANFEC Congress. I have been pleasantly surprised by both the organization and the excellent human and relational atmosphere generated in it. I have had the opportunity to know and understand, more deeply, the real characteristics and needs of the Spanish label printing market and to confirm that Miyakoshi’s semi-rotary offset technology is the most suitable solution to respond satisfactorily to their demands or requirements. In addition, being, sharing and living several days with many of the main Spanish label printers, allows us to understand much more qualitatively our market, which will allow us as manufacturers to apply all that knowledge in future developments. The market is not homogeneous and we must adapt our technology to the different singularities of production and/or printing and of each workshop”.

“The Spanish label printing market is a perfect fit for Miyakoshi’s semi-rotary offset technology. Our range of machinery is designed for medium and short runs of high quality labels, and this type of product fits very well in the wine, oil, beverage… markets that are particularly prevalent in Spain and Southern Europe. We now have a strong sales and technical service base in Spain from which to support our customers while maintaining constant contact with the factory in Japan”.

Enrique Rodríguez, commercial director of Miyakoshi Europe.

“The acceptance of the Spanish label market with Miyakoshi is being exceptional. Since February 2016, when we installed the first Miyakoshi UV offset semi-rotary press at Grupo Argraf, to date, 5 units have been sold, 3 of which are already installed and in full production. In addition, each of them has a specific and fully customized configuration depending on the activity or the particular production characteristics of each printer, including offset, flexo, hot stamping, lamination, die cutting, double die cutting… The extreme flexibility and adaptation of Miyakoshi technology to the different requirements of each label printing workshop allows us to have a solid and competitive proposal in small, medium or large print runs. Among the Miyakoshi label printers already in Spain, we can highlight its high mechanical reliability, its high and uniform productivity (we can reach maximum printing speed and work at maximum performance regardless of the width, development or printing support), and the added confidence of having a proven direct technical service, with many years of experience in the world of offset printing like ours”.

David López, head of Miyakoshi at OMC, sae.

See you at the XX ANFEC 2018 Congress in Porto, Portugal.