The Bulgarian Printing Daga LLC also committed Miyakoshi.

Printing House Daga LLC ( is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria in the field of self-adhesive roll labels’ high class production. In 2015 Mr. Nikolay Dimitrov – Manager and owner of the company, decided to invest in a new and modern equipment for high quality labels’ printing.

After a thorough survey of the market of equipment for self-adhesive labels production, he chose to use the technology of semi-rotary offset printing as it achieves high quality and stability of the print and low cost of the preparatory works. At the same time it gives the opportunity to print on all kinds of materials– textured papers, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.

After the analysis of various possibilities of buying a machine operating in this segment, the General Manager of Printing House Daga LLC chose Miyakoshi MLP 13C as the most reliable one, working with the widest possible web, largest-in-class repeat length and having fastest job performance.

Miyakoshi MLP 13C was installed at Printing House Daga in June 2015. Six months later the managing body of the company is quite satisfied with their choice of the equipment.

Nikolay Dimitrov Owner & General Manager

The performance of the machine has gone beyond the expectations of the printing house. Since the installment of Miyakoshi MLP 13C, the positions of Printing House Daga on the labels’market have expanded considerably. The better performance of Daga on the labels’ market is a result of Miyakoshi MLP 13C itself, as well as of Miyakoshi Machinery Co., Ltd.’s guiding support through the whole process of installment, training and service ever since.