Miyakoshi Europe participates and exhibits at the largest gathering of the security printing industry (Intergraf Currency+Identity Bilbao)

Bilbao Exhibition Centre has become the epicentre of the security printing industry from 17-20 October, hosting Intergraf Currency + Identity 2023.

Intergraf, the European association that promotes and protects the interests of the security printing industry at European level, organised this conference and exhibition, providing a space for collaboration and innovation in the sector. The event brought together experts and leaders from the printing industry, central banks, government authorities, law enforcement authorities and global digital solution providers, creating an environment for knowledge sharing, strategic collaboration and the exploration of new opportunities in the world of currency and identity documents.

Intergraf represents 20 printing industry federations in 19 European countries and seeks to promote and advance the interests of the sector at European level. This includes advancing issues such as environmental sustainability, technological developments and regulatory issues.