O.G.A. and Miyakoshi, a strong duo for wine labels

Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, a renowned Japanese manufacturer of semi-rotary offset presses for printing high-quality labels, with over 70 years’ experience in the sector, sets a clear commitment to the European market.

Its Miyakoshi MLP is gradually becoming a benchmark within the European printing industry of self-adhesive labels (Italy, Portugal, France, Spain…). A clear and significant example is the installation of the 2 Miyakoshi MLP (one 5 colour and the other 4 colour) in Tipografia OGA (Officine Grafiche Artigiane), a company located in the Italian town of Regello, in the province of Florence in the heart of Tuscany.

O.G.A. was founded in 1961 as a traditional print shop. For over two decades it has been present in the roll and sheet label sector.

“The company knows how to take the experience and skills it has gained over the years and transform them into a strong advantage for its own production processes. Currently, O.G.A. has a sales network that tends to customer requests whenever and wherever needed and is capable of adapting to production and delivery deadlines. Whether among the best Chianti or Veneto wines, we are always at the service of wine companies, ready to take action” says Sabatino Bocnhi, O.G.A.’s General Manager.

Miyakoshi MLP is a semi-rotary offset UV press designed for printing high-quality labels in short and medium runs, and is available in both offset UV and UV waterless (MWL).

“In Italy, the label industry has, on the whole, been capable of adapting to the new situation resulting from the economic recession over the last few years and new customer demands. Our wine industry continues on an upward trend thanks to the high quality of our wines. That is precisely why there is the need and obligation to present products that have labels with more added value and sophistication. The final goal is to provide the final product with more differentiating power” remarks Sabatino Bonchi, O.G.A.’s General Manager.

“The key to a successful label is to guarantee the impact and visibility of the wine in different settings. That is why, on the one hand, more resources have been invested in dressing up containers with flashier and higher quality labels” highlights Sabatino.

The label industry is experiencing sustained growth, mainly as a result of the recovery of internal consumption and the boost in exports, which can be summed up as more orders but less quantity per order. More and more, customers are diversifying and customising items and, as a result, are requesting smaller volumes of labels at a competitive price with delivery in record time.

“Label printing market is requesting maximum efficiency on short runs productions and the Miyakoshi press is regularly producing high quality short runs from as low as 350-400 linear meters at speeds up to 60m/min. Multiple jobs are often ganged across the press width. For instance, many printing jobs are below 541 linear meters. Many Miyakoshi printers operate the Miyakoshi press more like a digital machine. Makeready is short, with accurate CIP-driven pre-setting of ink keys direct from PDF artwork. Offset plate costs are almost negligible. All finishing (simple varnishing, die-cutting, lamination and hot foil stamping) for the Miyakoshi is completed off-line” explains us Yuichi Ikeda, Miyakoshi Europe’s General Manager.

“Between 1996 and 2013, demand in Europe doubled, exceeding 6.000 M m2, and is expected to grow another 5% in 2014, according to data from Finat. World demand for labels will increase by 4.9% annually, up to 57.7 M m2 in 2018, with a market value of $114 M. The figures come from different sources and studies that address the health and future of the label market on a national, European and global level”, asserts Enrique R. García; Sales Manager of Miyakoshi Europe.

“After checking out the market of printing machines, O.G.A. decided to bet on Miyakoshi because it perfectly fits our quality and accuracy needs. Miyakoshi MPL matches our technical requests for both industrial labels and high quality ones, as the wine labels need to be. Its high production speed, repeat length and high printing quality are its very powerful strengths. If I should choose just one word for describing Miyakoshi, I would say quality because it joins both mechanical and performance characteristics of the press” points Sabatino Bonchi out.

“In the current market scenario, We OGA really trust and bet on the offset printing technology. Wine market needs can be perfectly covered with the offset technology even on short-runs as we are already doing. Offset technology allows OGA to produce high quality short runs” concludes Sabatino.