Portugal printer, Copidata, S.A., sharing their views on MLP

Copidata, S.A. is one of the leading and growing printing companies of Iberia. In the late 2015 acquired Etiforma and Lithoformas and is now merging the 3 companies in one site. One of the major growing focuses of this project is high quality self-adhesive label production. Mr Antonio Brum, board member of Copidata, shared his views on MLP.

“We faced a need for an offset semi-rotary label press coming from our will of an important presence in the wine label market. At that time, we only had available flexo and digital printing, so we had constraints to grow in that specific market. We were not able to print with good quality mid to high ranges of many corrugated papers. Also, we were not competitive in situations where offset could beat flexo through plates’ price difference.

The MLP is very reliable. We work with our machine 24-5 or 24-6 since 2011 and we never had a problem. The printing quality is very high, the web width is 32% higher than one of the major competitor brands and the average speed is 3 to 4 times higher than the same competitor brand.
Our customers are very satisfied with the printing quality of our machine. We receive very often compliments on the quality of the labels printed in our MLP.

Having the machine allows us to seriously compete in our local wine label market. This is a high added value market, so with the MLP we were able to increase our operational profit and to improve our image as one of the top label suppliers of Portugal. We are very happy with our machine and we wish to create the proper conditions to purchase another MLP in the next 1 to 2 years.”